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We’ve been making travel jackets since 2010 and our latest model “The Joey” was a smash hit on Kickstarter and has been seen on:

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The Joey Has All The Features You Need Without The Gimmicks You Don’t

2 Hidden Pockets

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Tucked inside the larger chest compartment, these Velcro pockets are perfect for your passport or wallet.
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Tablet Pocket

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The largest pocket accommodates a full-size iPad (except for size small) or your favorite book.
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Cable Routing

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Keep your cords organized and from getting tangled. The access slot doubles as a convenient pen holder.
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Removable Hood

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The hood is removable when you don’t need extra it. Store it in the large pocket or leave it at home.
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Bottle Holder

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Elastic straps in each of the large pockets are perfect to hold your favorite beverage from moving around.
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Pocket Divider

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A large pocket can turn into two smaller ones to keep your valuables from getting knocked around.
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Protective Pockets

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All pockets feature water-resistant liners that protect your valuables, an extra layer from the elements.
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Zip-Off Sleeves

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When you find yourself in the heat of the day or coming down a mountain an option is remove your sleeves.
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Built in Eye Mask

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A soft eyemask in the hood shields your eyes anytime you need a nap on an overnight flight or a roadtrip.
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Cuff Handwarmers

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Sweatshirt jackets have color matched hand warmer cuffs. Softshell has black colored hand warmer cuffs.
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Suitcase Strap

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A built in strap wraps around your folded jacket and attaches to a suitcase or backpack.
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Microfiber Cloth

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A microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe your glasses or electronics is built into the jacket.
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Sunglasses Pocket

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Pockets that are sized for sunglasses, reading glasses, goggles, or other eye wear.
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Side Vents

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Under each arm are vertical vents that can be opened for extra air circulation.
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Carabiner Loop

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Two straps are available to attach Carabiners or other hang-able items.
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You will love this jacket whether traveling across town or across the ocean…

The Joey is a Love Story

travel jacket story

This Jacket Started Off As A Love Story…

It was the economic collapse of 2008… You may have shared in the challenges many of us faced… And I was no different…

I found myself in between jobs signed up to learn Mandarin to bolster my resume. This particular course worked by pairing you with a group of Mandarin speakers that wanted to learn English. I of course sent an email to the prettiest Girl on there.  She answered my email and the next day she wanted to chat via skype.

I nervously sent email to the prettiest girl in the class and, as luck would have it… She answered my email and the next day she wanted to chat via skype!

We immediately hit it off and had a great rapport. We got along so well, in fact, that she invited me to come and visit her in Beijing! She was finishing up her English degree. So I started planning a trip to China.

I had traveled internationally before and knew that cultural differences and safety are of paramount importance. Especially when traveling alone…

While I wasn’t a novice traveler, the harrowing experience I ended up going through literally inspired me to start this company…

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How our Travel Jacket is Different

  • You Can Wash it at Home

    Truly made for travel AND every day wear – our jackets are machine washable!

  • You Can Dry it at Home

    Many Travel Jackets have plastic pockets or hooks that can’t take the heat – ours is different…

  • It is Water Resistant

    You want to stay dry in wet weather yet you also need a breathable jacket, we have got you covered!

unique womens travel jacket

  • All Our Pockets Fully Enclose

    This is a big deal. Open top pockets are just a disaster waiting to happen.

  • Cover More Temperature Ranges

    Our Joey Jacket is ready for 3 distinct temperature ranges with one jacket thanks to our custom zip-in fleece liner.

  • Versatile And Stylish

    Looks great and made for every day wear – discover why this is the only jacket you’ll ever want to own…

travel jacket pocket diagramWe are avid travelers, parents and gadget people ourselves. If you have traveled ten miles or over a thousand miles you know big pockets are king. We make life and especially traveling easier with lots of pockets to store everything you need for everyday carry and those epic once a lifetime trips.

The fantastic thing about our travel jacket is that we have designed it to be used everyday just like any of your other clothes. And unlike many of our competitors you can wear it and wash and dry it at home.

This jacket does not have any of those tiny open top pockets that only serve to make a mess in real life. Our Travel Jacket is not only for the jet-set it is for real world use in all modes of transportation and trip lengths.

What Others Are Saying

“I LOVE my Global Travel Jacket. The fabric & color are so attractive. Received many compliments already from friends. It’s a winner!!” – Joyce T.
I have used other travel jackets before and the gimmicks sound nice when you buy it, but offer nothing in real world use. - Glen M.
My husband is very difficult to buy for but he loved this gift and will use it on our cruise in February. With all the restrictions on airlines, the size is perfect.” - Carol Q.
The soft fabric and appearance exceeded my expectations. I showed it to a friend today who was also quite impressed. Carole M.