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Make Easy Extra Money Recommending A Quality Product. No Hard Sell.


For years we have been creating the World’s Best Travel Jackets.  Our latest lineup was extremely successful on Kickstarter and has been a hit worldwide.

You just offer our travel jackets to your audience and when they buy, then you get a commission. That’s it, all passive selling.

Complete the form right now to join our ambassador program and start making money right away. No cost to you!

There are two ways for you to make money. 1. People click a link on your website. Or 2. They use your unique coupon code.

How this helps your business:

1. It gives you another value-added offer for your clients.
2. You make money for just putting the offer in front of them.

We are looking for ambassadors who are in the travel niche and are interested in offering our clothing to their audience. Your followers save money and you get paid. You can put as much effort into the program as you like. We offer each ambassador deep discounts on our products so that you can evaluate them for yourself.

We handle our affiliate program in-house so you will have your own account here and get paid directly from us. No third party middle men to pay or hassles. We pay very well for each jacket sold. We also track your lifetime sales record. Thus the more you sell the more you make.

Our Ambassadors can also participate in our future crowdfunding campaigns. 

Fill out this form to start making money very soon. We will get back with you quickly.

We payout the first of the next month after a jacket is sold. We have tiered payout rates. These are lifetime accumulated quantities.  1-15=$12.50, 16-25=$15, 26-50=$17.50, 50+=$20

If you do not see an email from us soon, check your spam folder or email us directly at sales at

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