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Travel Jacket with Lots of Pockets (Blue Canvas)


This Jacket can be the best part of your next trip.

This jacket solves the problem of how to carry all of your stuff like; phones, keys, snacks, lip balm, eye drops, glasses, tissue, reading material, lotion, charging cables, random papers, breath mints, change, pocket knife, medicine, more snacks, etc. it all fits perfectly with little or no bulge. All pockets close with a zipper. The two hidden pockets close with Velcro. The two lower large pockets are built for specialized functions. The pocket on the right has a separation down the middle to keep things from moving about too much, the right partition has an elastic band to hold your water bottle or baby bottle nice and tight. The left partition is great for your compact camera and the partition keeps it from being lost or getting scratched by other objects. The large pocket on the left is one single partition. It is large enough to hold an iPad. (except the small size jacket) The Jacket is built with quality in mind. All the zippers are high quality.

The Jacket is made from a waterproof polyester that has a slight canvas feel. It is machine wash safe. This jacket is soft and comfortable. It is a light to medium weight jacket. The all dark blue color is classic and unassuming. The Woman's version has a slight taper.

Please check your size and our size chart tab to order the right size jacket for you.

Due to the custom nature of this Jacket some orders could take 10-15 days to receive. International shipping is only available to countries that Paypal and USPS can operationally ship to. If a particular size is out of stock it will ship from outside the US. Please allow time for customs to process the shipment. We suggest ordering at least 1 month prior to the date you need it.


After a week of wearing this jacket. You'll love it and wonder how you ever got along with out it.

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