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RFID Security Sleeve


This silver RFID protection shields the following types of cards: All new contactless credit cards, US Passport Cards, Enhanced Driver’s Licenses, transit cards and many more. Our sleeve is made to fit inside our hidden chest pocket.

Protect yourself from payment fraud and identity theft. RFID chips are embedded in contact-less credit and identification cards allowing vendors to scan your card quickly. But this also makes it vulnerable to scammers. Electronic pickpocketing is a real threat and within the next few years it could be the number one way your credit and debit card information is stolen.

The principal behind this sleeve is that of a Faraday cage. Very little single gets in or out. This sleeve is not 100% signal proof but an ID thief would need to be within a few inches versus several feet away to pull your data off.

This RFID protection sleeve is made of silver cloth. Its all natural and not hard and thick like some other RFID products. As you can see when this iPhone is placed inside it has no service. Note you should not wash this silver sleeve. It will deteriorate with each wash and loose its effectiveness.

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