Why Travel Jackets Aren’t Just For Traveling

Have you heard of travel jackets but dismissed them as only being useful for people who do a lot of traveling? Well, think again. While it’s true that travel jackets, such as the ones manufactured by Global Travel Clothing, have loads of features that help travelers to safeguard their belongings, remain hands free while sight-seeing, and clear airport checkpoints smoothly and easily, they also hold useful features for everyday people on the go, which in today’s society is most of us.

Source: donationtravel

Source: donationtravel

The fact of the matter is that pockets on regular retail jackets just aren’t very secure. They are generally shallow and stay open at the top, making it easy for items to fall out of them and making you easy prey for shady characters. But the Global Travel Clothing travel jacket solves this problem by having fully closing pockets that close with either Velcro or a zipper so that nothing falls out and nothing inside is easily accessible to thieves. Travel jackets make it virtually impossible for anything to ever fall out of your pocket.

There are other useful features offered by the jacket as well. Like to carry a bottle of water or coke around with you while you are out and about, but hate having to constantly hold it? The travel jacket solves that problem by having a pocket designed specifically for holding a drinking bottle, and it sports an elastic band to keep your drink firmly in place. Like to wear sunglasses when outside, but hate having to carry them around when you’re inside and hate that they won’t fit in your pocket? The travel jacket has plenty of pockets for you to place them in and easily pull them back out when you need them again. It even has a pocket made especially for a tablet, so you can carry yours with you safely and securely without having to bring a bag to carry it in.


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While travel jackets are great for travelers, they are just as useful for you and me. With the extremely fast paced society in which we live, owning a travel jacket just makes sense.

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