Mens size guide

Please measure yourself before ordering. The buyer responsible for return and replacement shipping.

The rule of thumb is allow about 4 to 6 inches of room in the chest. Thus if you have a 40 inch chest you should get a jacket that measures 44 to 46 inches.

Chest (A)size-guide-art_man

The Chest is measured right under the arm.

Sleeve (B)

Our sleeves are measured from the shoulder. Not from the center of neck like some other measurements.

Torso (C)

From the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the jacket. 

Sizes given are of the garment.

Your Chest (A)37-40in / 94-101cm41-43in / 104-109cm44-46in / 112-117cm47-49in / 119-124cm50-53in / 127-135cm
Garment Chest45 / 115cm47in / 121cm50in / 127cm52in / 133cm55in / 140cm
Sleeve (B)24in / 61cm25in / 63cm25.5in / 65cm26.5in / 67cm27.2in / 69cm
Torso (C)27in / 70cm29in / 73cm30in / 76cm32in / 81cm33.5in / 85cm
Shoulders20in / 50cm21in / 53cm22in / 55cm23in / 58cm24in / 61cm
Cuff2.4in / 6cm2.4in / 6cm2.4in / 6cm2.4in / 6cm2.4in / 6cm
Arm18in / 46cm19in / 48cm20in / 50cm21in / 52cm22in / 56cm
Hip45in / 114cm47in / 120cm50in / 126cm52in / 132cm54in / 137cm

As with all clothing, there are certain manufacturing tolerances. Garments may measure up to plus or minus 1/2 inch from the published numbers.If you need any help with sizing questions, contact us via our email form or our Toll Free Number 866.856.5717.We take great pride in offering custom sizes. If you have checked our size chart and know you need a custom size then please fill out the custom travel jacket order page.

Men’s Windbreaker Travel Jacket

$179.00 $139.00

Size Guide

In stock (can be backordered)

Please check your size carefully, especially if you plan on using the zip-in liner or like to wear sweaters.

iPad/Book Pockets (2)Water Bottle Straps (2)
Hidden Pockets (2)Built in Luggage Strap
Earphone HoldersDetachable Hood
Microfiber ClothBuilt in Eye Mask
Waist AdjusterCuff Adjuster
Optional Zip in Polar Fleece Liner

Clearance Prices on Gen 1 Jacket (No Returns)


Everyone should travel, but no one should be oblivious to safety concerns. A travel jacket can help you travel safer. Besides having lots of pockets to carry you vital items at all times, you also want to blend in with your surroundings and not be a focal point so our logos and patterns are designed for this purpose.

This jacket is made from a lightweight, water-resistant nylon that is machine washable. Ours is the only full featured Travel Jacket that does not require special washing and drying conditions. View the video below for a demonstration of the fabric’s water-resistant performance.

Please check your size carefully, especially if you plan on using the zip-in liner or like to wear sweaters.


Additional information

Weight2.0 lbs
Dimensions12 x 10 x 2 in

Temperature Guide

Temperature Guide By Jacket Type

The table below suggests the lowest temperature in which each type of jacket can be worn comfortably without additional layers. Personal experience may vary based on individual tolerance level. We have had customers tell us they stay warm in even colder temperatures.

Note: The Polar Fleece Zip-In Liner (sold separately) adds approximately 10°F (or 5°C ) of warmth.

Shoft Shell
With Optional Liner
With Optional Liner
With Optional Liner
Soft Shell
With Optional Liner
With Optional Liner
With Optional Liner

Note: Joey Models do not have a windbreaker version.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Jackets Waterproof?

On the soft shell products page there is a short video demonstrating the water shedding. Our jackets are technically only water resistant. Water proofing requires special double seems and special zippers, typically the price for those type of jackets starts around $300 USD.

The sweatshirt versions of our jackets have polyester pockets that are water resistant, so this will protect your electronics in a surprise shower. Our older models can withstand about 2 hours in the rain and the newer Joey models can last about 1 hour in the rain. The material they are made from is a trade off, the more water resistant it is then the less it breathes.

Are Your Jackets Fair Trade?

Our Travel Jackets are made by both a family friend in Northern China as well as an MCT (Clothing Manufacturer). Our Family friend is a small independent master tailor. We have been to her shop many times. She employs 4-5 adults. She sources our materials from her local suppliers for quality control. Our MCT employs 30-35 people and all are adults we have been to their facility many times. We are aware of the many abuses in the garment industry as a whole  in fact more than half of the worlds imported garments are made by people who are not paid more than $1 per day. We not willing to ever use a child labor shop from a impoverished third world country to manufacture our Jackets.

Can I make the Sweatshirt Jacket more water-resistant?

All the pockets are water-resistant already. However, if you would like to add water resistance to the outer shell of the Sweatshirt Jacket and do not have chemical sensitivities, we recommend adding Scotchgard to the outside.

Can I pay with Amazon points?

The pay with Amazon feature at the time of writing does not let you use your points at Amazon on our website. You are only able to use your Amazon account to pay for it via our website. It is not actually a transaction on Amazon. We do have our jackets on Amazon, however coupons and promotions do not apply.

Can I wash the jackets normally?

Yes you can. Ours is the only full featured travel jacket that does not require special washing and drying conditions. Other jackets have attached gizmos or plastic parts or metal parts that can not be washed or dried without special considerations. You can also use a stain remover such as “shout” with our jackets.

What is your warranty and exchange policy?

Returns and Exchanges (Please include packing slip and a note clearly stating you would like an exchange or refund. )

In cases unrelated to defects, we accept returns and exchanges for up to 45 days from the original purchase date. For Jackets past the 45 days or for jackets that have been used we retain the right to refuse an exchange or refund.

We guarantee our Travel Jackets to be free of workmanship defects and provide exchanges for defective jackets for one year from the date of purchase.

You will be responsible for paying the shipping to return your unwanted garment back to us.

Due to our fulfillment center, replacement shipping can take 10-12 business days.

Claims for an item not received must be filed within 30 days of the shipping date.

Custom sized Jackets can not be returned for a refund.

Items Purchased through third parties are subject to their own rules.

Items purchased via promotional pricing or clearance do not include shipping back to you in the case of unwanted (size or color) exchanges.

Global Travel Clothing Returns
PO BOX 480024
Niles, IL 60714
What size do I need to order?

Most people need to consider ordering a size larger than their shirt size (especially if you plan on using the zip-in liner or like to wear sweaters). Please refer to the size chart for more information. It is the big black button near the price.

Why are all the zippers on the left?

Unlike buttons, zippers have no established right or wrong side. The right side zipper is pretty much a USA thing only. It has a bit of history if you want to google it. The rest of the world is however primarily left. About 40% of our business is international so we do not make separate versions just for this particular USA fashion custom. So we designed all of our jackets to zip on the left after testing demonstrated that left side zippers were easier to use for both men and women.

Why don’t these jackets have even more pockets?

Our jackets have been meticulously designed to provide optimal functionality. The current design is what has been tested and proven to provide maximum security and usability. Some jackets on the market have more pockets, but they do not add value due to being too small to use, lacking secure closure and proper placement.

Will a large iPad fit in any of the pockets?

A large iPad will comfortably fit into the largest pocket, except for in a size S jacket. Size S will fit an iPad Mini or a Kindle.