Safe and Comfortable Travel Tips

travel safeThere are several ways this Travel Jacket with its many pockets and hidden pockets can make your travel safer and worry free.

You want to keep your important papers, passport, money and valuable electronics on you at all times and not in your luggage or a storage compartment. Losing these items can cause massive delays and headaches. Other important things to carry on your person are medications and toiletries.

Products like Airborne and hand sanitizer are always good for long trips. Also, put some food into your Jacket pockets because many times airline food and snacks are not enough or especially of good quality. You can pack nuts, cereal bars, and other healthy snacks. Once you have passed security you can also purchase a bottle of water or juice. Sometimes, when you are on a flight with hundreds of other people, its hard to get a drink just when you need it. Especially, if you are traveling with kids.

Other items you can keep in your jacket are travel pillows or eye masks as well as ear plugs. Lastly, do not forget about entertainment. You can pack your iPad or Kindle with new books and games loaded.

Leaving the Purse at Home

Travel Security

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