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Carry Everything You Need Securely & Comfortably
A smart line of jackets that bring high functionality to great form

Jacket Pocket Diagram
I have used other travel jackets before and the gimmicks sound nice when you buy it, but offer nothing in real world use. I will use this jacket until i need another and I will buy from you again.” -Glen M.

Your New Favorite Jacket Has All The Right Features…

Jacket with hidden pockets

2 Hidden Pockets

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These pockets are sized perfectly for a passport or wallet. These Velcro enclosed pockets are inside the larger chest pockets. They sit high on your chest. Pickpockets like lower pockets that are away from your body.

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jacket with ipad pocket

Tablet Pocket

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The largest pocket can accommodate a full size iPad. The only exception are Men’s small and Woman’s Medium sized jackets. All other smaller tablets fit without issue. Not a tablet user? Then you can carry your favorite book. Click For Larger Image

Jacket with headphone cord routing

Cable Routing

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In the neck area are two loops, one on each side, that you can utilize for your headphone wires. These elastic loops allow you to keep your cords from getting in the way. The chest pocket access slot also doubles as a pen holder. Click For Larger Image

jacket with removable hood

Removable Hood

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Sometimes you want a little extra protection of a hood over your head and sometimes you don’t. This Travel Jacket has an option that allows for the hood to be fully removed. You can store the hood in a pocket or you can leave it at home. Click For Larger Image

jacket with water bottle strap

Elastic Bottle Holder

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The large pockets have elastic straps. Use them to secure items like bottles so that they do not fall over. Or secure your compact camera from bouncing around. Click For Larger Image

pocket divider detial

Pocket Divider

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Want a large pocket big enough for a tablet or would you like to make it into two smaller pockets. This way you can keep you valuable gadgets from knocking into each other. Click For Larger Image

Water Resistant Pockets

Water Resistant Pockets

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All pockets have water resistant liners. This is especially handy on the sweatshirt versions. This will help protect your valuable electronics if you get caught in the rain. Click For Larger Image

jacket cuff adjuster

Cuff Adjuster

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The sleeves on the Soft Shell and Windbreakers have cuff adjusters to help keep cold air from going up your sleeve. Another one of the things you will love about this jacket. Click For Larger Image

jacket with built in eye mask

Built in Eye Mask

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Have trouble sleeping on long trips, cover your eyes from the light on those overnight flights, or on those bright afternoon drives, the mask is soft and dark. Click For Larger Image

sweatshirt cuff hand warmer

Sweatshirt Cuff Hand Warmer

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On the fleck colored sweatshirt jacket colored versions there is a built in hand warmer cuff instead of the adjustable cuff found on the all the other jacket options.

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Suitcase Strap

Suitcase Strap

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Built into the hoodie is a strap that can pull out and wrap around the jacket. You can then attach it to the handle on your suitcase or onto a backpack. Click For Larger Image

built in eye glass cleaner

Built-in Eye Glass Cleaner

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In the left pocket is a micro fiber cleaning cloth that can be used for your glasses or the screens of your electronic devices. Its built in so you will always have it with you. Click For Larger Image

And It Comes In 3 Proven Fabrics…

material soft shell

Soft Shell

100% Nylon Outer Shell

Soft Shell

The outer shell material is 100% Nylon. It is a medium weight material that is more firm than windbreaker material and even more water resistant.
Jacket material wind breaker


100% Polyester


The outer shell material is 100% Polyester. It is lightweight and water resistant.
Jacket material cotton


Cotton Polyester Blend


The outer shell material is Cotton Polyester blend. It’s a medium weight material and the jacket has water resistant pockets.

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“Man bags” just aren’t fun to carry around. Being a Dad on the go and an eagle scout, I need to have areas to store all my daily carries. This jacket is a must!!
Kevin M.
I have used other travel jackets before and the gimmicks sound nice when you buy it, but offer nothing in real world use. I will use this jacket until i need another and I will buy from you again.
Glen M.
I am a mother of two small kids and a diaper bag is such a hassle. I wear this jacket everywhere I go. I can’t live without it now.
Andrea S.
The soft fabric and appearance exceeded my expectations. I showed it to a friend today who was also quite impressed.
Carole M.