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Joey Jacket Pocket Diagram

The Joey Travel JacketJoey Jacket Pocket Design:

1. Zippered Chest Pockets (2): The vertical zipper opens downward for easy access with one hand. These spacious and secure pockets are perfect for medium-sized items you need handy.

2. Arm Pockets (2): This zippered pocket sits on the outer sleeve of the jacket and is perfect for smaller items like pens, chapstick or hand sanitizer.

3. Velcro Hidden Pockets (2): Located inside each zippered chest pocket, these two compartments are away from the opening. Sized perfectly for your wallet or passport, these hidden pockets keep your money and papers safe.

travel jacket pocket diagram4. Vertical Partition (2): This vertical Velcro partition allows you to separate the large pockets into two smaller pockets. Perfect for keeping things secure and organized.

5. Elastic Bottle Strap (2): Located inside the large pockets furthest from the zipper are two elastic bands. These are perfect for holding your favorite beverage or your concealed carry.

6. Large Pockets (2): Every jacket has two very large, top-loading zippered pockets. Large enough for a full sized Apple iPad® or your favorite book! (Note: Size S jackets comfortably hold a smaller tablet.) Use the built-in vertical partition to securely carry smaller items.

7. Exterior Pockets (2): Two zippable exterior hand pockets.

8. Metro Pockets (2): Two small lower arm pockets perfect for holding your public transportation cards. If they are RFID then you do not have to remove them to scan as you board.

9. Side Vents (2): SoftShell only Two zippable vents under the arms to helps keep you cool when you still need your sleeves on.

10. Zip Off Sleeves (2): The sleeves come off when you change to warmer climates.

Unlike other jackets that have open-top pockets and easy-to-open fasteners, our jackets feature perfectly placed, zippered pockets. Also ours is the only full featured travel jacket that does not require special washing and drying considerations.

The Joey Jacket Comes In 2 Proven Fabrics…

Soft Shell

100% Nylon

Soft Shell

Nylon, our most water-resistant fabric, keeps you comfortable and dry. It is a medium-weight material that is soft and breathes.


Cotton/Polyester Blend


Cotton/Polyester blend, our thickest material, gives you the feel of your favorite sweatshirt with extra warmth. (Sweatshirt Jackets are not water-resistant, but all of the pockets are.)

All The Features You Need Without The Gimmicks You Don’t

2 Hidden Pockets

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Inside the larger chest compartment, these Velcro pockets are perfect for your passport or wallet. Clcik For Larger Image

Tablet Pocket

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The largest pockets will accommodate a full-size iPad (except for size small jackets) or your favorite book. Click For Larger Image

Cable Routing

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Elastic loops keep your headphone cords from getting in the way. The access slot doubles as a convenient pen holder. Click For Larger Image

Removable Hood

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The hood is removable when you don’t need extra protection. Store it in the large pocket or leave it at home. Click For Larger Image

Elastic Bottle Holder

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Elastic straps in each of the large pockets are perfect for your favorite beverage. Click For Larger Image

Pocket Divider

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A large pocket turns into two smaller ones to keep your valuables from getting knocked around. Click For Larger Image

Water Resistant Pockets

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All pockets have water-resistant liners to protect your valuables from the elements. Click For Larger Image

Zip-Off Sleeves

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Another climate change option is to remove your sleeves. Click For Larger Image

Built in Eye Mask

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A soft eyemask in the hood shields your eyes any time you need a nap on an overnight flight or a roadtrip. Click For Larger Image

Cuff Handwarmers

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Sweatshirt jackets have color matched hand warmer cuffs. Softshell has black colored hand warmer cuffs. Click For Larger Image

Suitcase Strap

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Built into the hood, this strap wraps around your folded jacket and attaches to your suitcase or backpack. Click For Larger Image

Built-in Microfiber Cloth

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A microfiber cleaning cloth is built into the left pocket. Always have something to wipe your glasses or electronics with. Click For Larger Image

Sunglasses Pocket

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Pockets that are sized for sunglasses, reading glasses, goggles, or other eye wear. Click For Larger Image

Side Vents

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Under each arm are vertical vents that can be opened for extra air circulation. Click For Larger Image

Carabiner Loop

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Two straps are available to attach Carabiners or other hang-able items. Click For Larger Image
“Man bags” just aren’t fun to carry around. Being a Dad on the go and an eagle scout, I need to have areas to store all my daily carries. This jacket is a must!!
Kevin M.
I have used other travel jackets before and the gimmicks sound nice when you buy it, but offer nothing in real world use. I will use this jacket until I need another and will buy from you again.
Glen M.
I am a mother of two small kids and a diaper bag is such a hassle. I wear this jacket everywhere I go. I can’t live without it now.
Andrea S.
The soft fabric and appearance exceeded my expectations. I showed it to a friend today who was also quite impressed.
Carole M.