How To Look Cool and Stay Organised as a Female Traveller

How Look Cool and Stay Organized as a Female Traveller

Travelling alone as a woman is increasingly popular and easier than ever to do. As with any journey,

being organized so you don’t lose your possessions is essential. For a solo female traveller, being vigilant

and having things at hand is all part of feeling safe whilst travelling. Read on for a few ideas on how

to be more organized as a solo female traveller.

Keep Documents Together

Having your travel documents handy speeds things up when you are navigating through

immigration and at check in. It saves you searching through bags and potentially dropping things

whilst trying to retrieve a ticket. Using a travel wallet keeps those essential documents in one place

so you can grab them quickly and is an essential piece of kit.

Use a Travel Jacket

travel jacket red

The advantage of using a travel jacket when going on a journey is that they are ideal for keeping

money and documents in one place. The hidden pockets are perfect for safely concealing your cash,

passport and other crucial items when travelling, especially when you are alone and need to be vigilant in places like

public transport and among crowds. With lots of pockets, travel jackets are great at keeping small items

(and even large items like a book, ipad or water bottle) handy when you are on the move. If you are

travelling to several countries where the currency is different, store the currencies separately. This

saves you pulling out the wrong money in stores and speeds things up for you when travelling

around. You’ll also blend in as a local by having the correct currency to hand when in public places.

Get your sense of direction

When travelling alone, always plan ahead by knowing where you are going in a strange city. Try to

arrive in daylight so you can get orientated easily and make sure you have somewhere to stay. By

booking accommodation ahead and knowing a little about your destination you’ll avoid standing out.

This helps avoid unwanted attention especially when travelling solo. Think about where you are

heading when exploring a new city and look as though you know where to go by memorizing the

directions from a map or guidebook. Planning ahead helps you pack more into a journey, especially

when there are so many things to see and do. I also leave space in my plans to allow for those places

where I find I want to spend more time as they are so spectacular.

Being organized when travelling keeps you safe and helps you get around easily. Take time to plan

ahead and you’ll find you have a wonderful journey.

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