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Leave the Purse Behind

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The inconvenience of a Purse While Traveling

Us women, we love our purses. Unfortunately, while traveling, they often become our biggest enemy and our greatest weakness. The stories are endless- a friend’s girlfriend who lost all of her money when a drive by thief cut her purse right off of her arm or a hostel mate who lost everything when she forgot her bag on the door of a bar’s bathroom. Just like a best friend, you may get along perfectly at home but while traveling, you start to hate each other. The purse is one love that never makes a good travel buddy. Traveling with a purse is not an effective way to travel. It is downright inconvenient. It adds to the bulk of luggage and is always getting wrapped up in the straps of my backpack. When taking airplanes, trains and buses, I always find it taking up my leg room or space in my lap. Eating in restaurants is often a pain as it always seems to take up table and leg room because I get too nervous to leave it hanging on the back of my chair. Shopping for clothing and taking photographs while traveling leaves me feeling guilty as I pawn off my purse on my boyfriend or friends to free up my hands. The constant need to put it down, pick it up and get it out of the way make my purse impossible to travel with. The need to get our purses out of the way is what makes them so easily and disastrously forgettable. I have left my purse in dressing rooms, bathrooms, restaurants and taxis all while traveling.

"Almost as scary as the horror of losing my purse is the amount of time I spend worrying about it!"

I am constantly fussed with wrapping the straps around the handle bars of my bicycle and keeping one hand on my bag while on the back of motorbikes, walking in crowded places and on public transit. Sometimes I can’t even hold my boyfriend’s hand while strolling around because I am too busy guarding my bag! No one wants to be a target for crime, but that is exactly what happens when women travel with their purses.

pursejunkThe purse situation is not a good one, but do not fear ladies! We have options. I recently came across a jacket that has me leaving my purse behind every time I travel.

The jackets here are the perfect replacement for a handbag. I used this jacket on a recent trip to France and felt more free than I have ever been before. It actually took me a while to remember that I didn’t have a purse to worry about and a few times I scared myself thinking that I had left it somewhere. The 8 large pockets, including some hidden ones, allowed me to carry everything I needed for a care free journey. If your purse is dragging you down and you want to release yourself of the worry and risk, ditch the bag and start enjoying your travels. Here are some more tips on how the Jacket can help you have a safe and comfortable trip. Want To Learn More About This Incredible New Jacket?  - CLICK HERE[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


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